Pass Plus & Advanced Driving

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Passing your test is just the beginning of your driving career and RH Driver Training offers you opportunities to advance beyond this stage to become a more experienced and hence safer driver.


Inexperienced drivers are statistically around 10 times more likely to be in an accident. 20% of new drivers will be involved in an accident in their first year behind the wheel. Insurance premiums for new drivers reflect these worrying statistics.


The Pass Plus scheme, designed by the Driving Standards Agency with help from motor insurance and driving instruction industries, helps new drivers improve their road skill and safety. Drivers on the course develop existing skills, learn new skills and techniques, improve anticipation and awareness, learn how to reduce the risk of accidents and maintain a courteous and considerate attitude on the road.


Pass Plus includes six modules totalling a minimum of six hours. These are:

  • introduction and town driving
  • all-weather driving
  • out of town driving and rural roads
  • night driving
  • dual carriageways
  • motorway driving

The course has a positive focus, and homes in on attitudes and skills that will directly benefit every day driving. A recent survey carried out for the Driving Standards Agency showed that 93% of people who had taken Pass Plus felt more confident on the road, and 80% considered that their driving skills had improved as a result of taking the course.


With Pass Plus, you could reduce your car insurance premiums or get an extra no claims bonus with some insurance companies.



Advanced Driving Course

IAM InstructorWith the driving conditions on the roads becoming increasingly congested and presenting more hazards, the Advanced Driving Course is a life investment in your driving effectiveness and safety.


The Advanced Driving course will make your driving safer, more enjoyable and cheaper (in terms of fuel economy, vehicle wear and tear, usually less insurance claims and potential discounts off your insurance premium).


RH Driver Training is fully qualified to teach the course holding the relevant qualifications such as a member of the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) and other advanced driving certificates such as RoSPA (Gold) and DIAmond.


Contact RH Driver Training today to find out more about how you can start Advanced Driving for life.


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